A Winter Engagement on Ice in the Boston Public Garden


As my couples plan for their engagement sessions, I always get excited when they decide to include props… or puppies. This session had both!

I was so excited when Maryellen told me that 1) she was bringing her dog, Benson and 2) she and her fiance’ Steve were bringing their skates to go ice skating! I immediately got excited… and then paused to evaluate my own skating ability (zero – ha!), thinking I’d love to join them on the ice for the shoot.

Me + camera equipment + ice skates = unavoidable DISASTER. My winter athletic abilities live on the mountain, not exactly on the pond. I was determined, so UGGs and all (so safe, I know), we made it happen. No accidents! The equipment survived and so did I.

I didn’t know until I met Maryellen and Steve that day, that they’re both former hockey players and their first date took place on the ice at the Frog Pond.

It was such a beautiful day in Boston. Locals were out and about, skating and playing pickup hockey all around us. There was a late-winter chill in the air, but it was paired with a hint of spring warmth. There was such a fun, energetic vibe in the heart of downtown Boston.

Before you scroll down to the photos, I need to pause and first tell you what sparked this engagement session, because Steve’s proposal is something that cannot go unmentioned.

Remember that band Hanson? MMMBop (sorry, now you can’t stop singing it). Maryellen attended one of their concerts back in the day (2008) and fell in love with the show’s opener, Stephen Kellogg, who she’s followed ever since.

Fast forward to Stephen Kellogg playing a show at Boston’s City Winery 10 years later, which Maryellen and Steve attended as VIPs. Little did Maryellen know, Steve had worked directly with Stephen ahead of time to WRITE A SONG about how he and Maryellen met. Stephen performed it for them that night, ending with Steve’s proposal to Maryellen. See for yourself (below)!

The rest is history and I cannot wait to be a part of their New England wedding this fall in Maine. Enjoy a glimpse into their winter engagement session, on ice!















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