A Dog Birthday Photo Shoot for our Best Girl!

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? Have you ever considered doing so with a dog photo shoot?

If you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE our Golden Retriever, Callie. She turned 8 yesterday (I can’t even believe it!) so I thought I’d document it with some cute photos of her – just for fun!

We purchased some specialty dog treats at a local pet boutique over the weekend, along with this adorable “Birthday Girl” bandana. The plan was to stop there, but I couldn’t resist adding balloons into the mix after seeing them at the grocery store. Each register had a cluster of balloons, with the lane number included! We just so happened to check out through lane 8. Meant to be? I think yes! We left without the balloon at first, but ended up returning to the store, knowing that we just had to include it… and I’m SO glad we did!

I just may need to make this an annual tradition!







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